This project is for refurbishment works to L Block which includes internal layout changes, mostly non-structural to convert existing teaching spaces into modern innovative learning spaces as prescribed by MoE.   The contract works also includes additional outdoor learning spaces, toilet refurbishment and roof replacement of the entire L Block.

Internal fitout is now in progress. The refurbishment is cracking along and the external decks are almost complete.


The scope of work for this project is in two stages.  Stage 1 is Internal Alterations to the existing Library and Interior Alterations removing existing Interior Walls creating an open plan classroom with breakout space to Block 6. Stage 1 Complete

Stage 2 is for a new Pool Toilet outbuilding plus general pool site works plus new external joinery and cladding to Northern Elevation, new toilets to Eastern Elevation. Internal walls removed and replaced with new portal frames.  All surfaces re-lined.  Stage 2 due to start end of August


Manurewa West Primary School – New 2 Level 12 Classroom Block.

With a spell of wet weather, the roof is now on.  Progress will happen quickly now that the build can keep dry.


This project is to convert 6 Classrooms to Two Main Teaching Spaces, Two Specialized Teaching Spaces, One Breakout Space, One Teachers Resource Room, One Entrance Lobby and 8 Unisex Cubicles.

The project completion time is 8 months.


This project involves alterations of an existing 3 classroom block, Block 10.  The block is formed from 3 relocatable classrooms in a ‘T’ shape that had been moved on to site.  There are internal connections between end walls and with 2 decks on 2 sides.

The walls connecting the 3 classrooms will be opened up with new sliding doors and structural beams/columns to form a central break out space.  An existing deck will be covered over with new walls and roof to form an extension to an existing classroom. There will be full internal upgrades throughout with bag bag storage.