Works are currently taking place in Block 1.  All exterior cladding has been removed and replaced and works for this will be complete next week.  This is in preparation for the building to be closed in for a pre-line inspection so works can be started internally for this block.


This project is to convert 6 Classrooms to Two Main Teaching Spaces, Two Specialized Teaching Spaces, One Breakout Space, One Teachers Resource Room, One Entrance Lobby and 8 Unisex Cubicles.

The project completion time is 8 months.


Now that the classroom have been relocated to its permanent home, the 8 classrooms “Block E” will be receiving an internal refurbishment.

Works include moving existing walls,  new carpet, vinyl, paint, lighting, data, autex on walls, modernising for a fresh new look.



This project is for ILE, Roofing, Fire and Security works at Kaukapakapa School located in Aucklands North West.  It is classified as schools 5YA works programme.

Works include Roofing Block 3 Rooms 13 & 14, Roofing Block 6 Rooms 15 & 16, and Fire and Security for Block 3 & 6.  In addition an ILE conversion of Block 3 and upgrade of toilets.


As a result of continued roll growth in the Ministry of Education’s North Region this project is to provide 4 Temporary Classrooms and 1 Toilet block for the students at Riverhead School.

These classrooms have been relocated from Clayton Park School within the grounds of Riverhead School.  As part of the project new foundations are being laid, services connected, construction of timber decks, veranda roofs, handrails, stairs and ramps are being completed.


This project is to complete works for Block 3.  The scope of work is the conversion in to an open plan two classroom Teaching Space and Library.  Also as part of this project, upgrade of Block 1 Toilet.


This project is to create classroom and breakout spaces to incorporate ILE spaces and increase the capacity for outdoor learning into the schools layout. Block 2 & 4 will focus on the refurbishment works, there is an external portion which includes landscaping and decking and then as part of the scope, a new toilet block will be built to accommodate the number of students.

The estimated programme is to take 6-7 months.  Blocks 2 & 4 internal works will need to take place one after another to avoid having all the classrooms unavailable at the same time.