At Astley Construction we have a range of systems and procedures in place that help us to deliver a high standard of both administration and construction on each project.

Financial System: Costcon Accounting System

Costcon is specifically designed for the construction industry. It is an accounting system that enables both creditor and debtor management as well as providing management and reporting of projects. In conjunction with Costcon we keep an Administration Register for each project, which allows tracking of all client directions, their status and impact on budget. By using these systems together we can ensure firm control of the project budget.

Programming: Microsoft Project 2010

The Contract Manager and Construction Manager will work together with the Site Manager to set the programme at the start of the project. The project is reviewed and updated on a regular basis then distributed to all parties (client, subcontractors, and site staff) to ensure everyone works together to meet planned completion.

Quality Control Systems: Astley Construction Quality Control Systems

Astley applies strict quality control procedures on all projects to both administration and site works. Our Quality Control Systems for site and our Quality Assurance Checklist help maintain our Quality Standards by ensuring that every aspect of the construction process is monitored and checked in a formal manner. Our Quality Checklist is used to monitor both Astley workmanship and subcontractors work. (Copies can be provided upon request).

Health & Safety: Hazard Co. Health & Safety Management System / Site Safe

All Astley Construction employees are trained on both HazardCo & Site Safe policies and procedures. A detailed Site Specific Safety Plan and Site Emergency Plan are submitted to the Client for approval prior to commencing on site. All subcontractors working on site will provide their Site Specific Safety Plans and Health & Safety Policies and are included in Astley’s weekly toolbox meetings to ensure implementation and monitoring of these plans.

  • Astley Construction / HazardCo Health & Safety Policy
  • Astley Construction / HazardCo Team Plan
  • Site Safe – Sample Site Specific Safety Plan
  • Astley Construction – Sample Site Emergency Plan

Astley has a zero rate for incidents of serious harm in the last 3 years and has no notifiableissues.

Astley Construction: Environmental Policy

Astley Construction recognises that in carrying out its activities it has a responsibility to customers, employees and the general public to minimise its environmental impacts.

(A copy can be provided on request).