Client: Board of Trustees Aorere College

Architect:  Ignite


Project: Manager:  Mile Project Management

Contract Value: $2,100,000


This project was a remodelling of the Technology Block a New Weights Room and Nelson ‘A’ Block refurbishment.

Technology Block E:  The existing technology block consists of three parallel wings connected by corridors.  The food technology wing has previously been remodelled so as part of our contract the two wings which accommodate hard technology were remodelled.  The central connecting corridor and toilets were partially demolished and replaced with a new workshop room.  The two existing wings which accommodate metal and wood technology had their layout revised to maximise functionality and promote ILE concept.

Weights Room:  Part of the training regime at the school is weightlifting.  To support the important aspect of school life a new weights room was built on the end of the existing gym.  The existing storage area and sheds were demolished to accommodate this new building.

Refurbishment of Nelson Block A:   Nelson Block had previous work done to the ground floor.  We refurbished level 2 along with some work to the ground floor.  The works consisted of upgrades, carpeting, pinboards, window repair and painting.

The project was completed in August 2019 as a 12 Month Project.