The scope of work for this project is in two stages.  Stage 1 is Internal Alterations to the existing Library and Interior Alterations removing existing Interior Walls creating an open plan classroom with breakout space to Block 6.

Stage 2 is for a new Pool Toilet outbuilding plus general pool site works plus new external joinery and cladding to Northern Elevation, new toilets to Eastern Elevation. Internal walls removed and replaced with new portal frames.  All surfaces re-lined.  This is to be completed to Block 1.

Time frame for completion for both stages is 8 Months


The scope of work for this project is in stages.

Demolition of existing office, storage, shed to South of existing gymnasium and replace with new weights room, office, accessible toilet, laundry and PE Sports storage.

Significant upgrade to Metal Work and Wood Work Rooms.

Refurbishment of upper level classrooms, staff and resource areas in Nelson A Block.  Addition of a new meeting space on ground level of Block A and student services centre.

Time frame for the completion of all works is 9 months


The scope of work for this project is for Major Special Needs Modifications at Rosehill College.  Works include a raised Unispan walkway bridge connecting S & C Blocks.  S Block lift shaft & Lobby areas.  C Block accessible ramp with landing and stair access.

Time frame for this project is completion in December 2018.


Torbay School was originally built in the lates 60’s early 70’s. This project is an ILE Modernisation project for Torbay School.

This project involves changing an existing 4 classroom block to an ILE for Classrooms 9 to 12.  Upgrading the toilets and cloakrooms to a new breakout space.  The ILE or modernisation of the block is part of the schools vision to introduce flexible learning spaces and to modernise the toilet and cloakrooms.

Two classrooms, a toilet block and cloakroom will be modernised while the other two classrooms, toilet block and cloakrooms are in use. Once one side is complete then the other side will be completed.


6 Atlas Place is getting a new upgrade.  This job is to replace external cladding, replacing windows and an internal fix up.  This building has not seen improvements in many years and it was time for a face lift.

The timeframe for works is 3 to 4 months


This project is for additions as the Forrest Hill Aged Care Facility located at Bond Street on the Auckland’s North Shore.

This project involves a new build adjoining the existing.  This project is in the very early stages of set up.

New Site

New Site

Existing Building

Existing Building