Sunnyvale Primary School is located in Auckland’s western suburbs. The school is expecting a significant increase of pupils in the near future.

The contract is for the construction of a new 6 classroom block, the refurbishment of 4 existing classrooms, conversion of 2 toilet blocks to resource spaces and associated site works and infrastructure upgrades.


Block 3 Conversion

This project is taking 2 existing toilet blocks at Woodlands Park School, extending and changing them into resource and classroom facilities.

The project has a programme of 5 months


The scope of work is to replace 5 old relocatable classrooms and to re-instate 5 permanent classrooms to be sited on the school field.


Torbay School was originally built in the lates 60’s early 70’s. This project is an ILE Modernisation project for Torbay School.

This project involves changing an existing 4 classroom block to an ILE for Classrooms 9 to 12.  Upgrading the toilets and cloakrooms to a new breakout space.  The ILE or modernisation of the block is part of the schools vision to introduce flexible learning spaces and to modernise the toilet and cloakrooms.

Two classrooms, a toilet block and cloakroom will be modernised while the other two classrooms, toilet block and cloakrooms are in use. Once one side is complete then the other side will be completed.


6 Atlas Place is getting a new upgrade.  This job is to replace external cladding, replacing windows and an internal fix up.  This building has not seen improvements in many years and it was time for a face lift.

The timeframe for works is 3 to 4 months